Well, I’m a little confused about the Medium business model and how it is guiding content and the platform itself. I don’t mean I’m suspicious or anything like that. There’s no ill-will or nefarious activity. Until that big Atlantic or New Yorker piece on Twitter, I didn’t realize Medium tried to sell the platform to Twitter for half a billion dollars. That’s a whole lot bigger of an enterprise than I was thinking. That, along with the sale of Steven Levy’s channel to Conde Naste, made me realize there’s bigger gears in play here.

On the one hand, I think that signing up with a walled garden could indeed help your work outlive your mortal existence. But then again, it could do the opposite. I’d think redundancy is the way to go. Post your own blog, and then syndicate to Medium, Facebook, Linked In…. I like to maintain an ‘open web’ presence, and am increasingly turned off by the walled gardens.

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Author of Team Human, Present Shock, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, Program or Be Programmed, and host of the Team Human podcast http://medium.com/team-human

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