Faith, Doubt, and the Value of Spirituality in the Age of AI

Excerpt from the latest Team Human Kibbitz Room conversation

Douglas Rushkoff


Here’s a short excerpt from our most recent Q/A salon in the Team Human Kibbitz room. Listen to the whole show by clicking on the player above.

My name is Dave. I just have a thing about putting pretend names on discord, I guess. Super excited to be here, love the community. I am a theology professor living outside of Boston. And I want to talk about your monologue of “changing the register.” I’ll throw a couple balls into the air here and then I would just love to — I’m also a musician — so I’d love to hear you riff on some of that stuff.

So I actually am just coming from a class where I’ve been really frustrated because I feel like they see the professor as an enemy. And so I was talking to them about how I see us as co-collaborators. We’re experiencing things together. I’m just trying to “change the register” of what’s happening in the classroom.

Even broader than that, one of the other groups I’m part of is what call theopoetics: trying to change the conversation in religion from theology (which is about logic and logos and a correspondence theory of reality) to poetics, which is about doing and making (that’s what poetics means) and possibility. So it occurs to me after I heard your monologue on that, “Oh, that’s what we’re doing. We’re like trying to change the register from this logical, correspondency, absolutist kind of thing to more of a possibility and opening and doing kind of thing.

And so I was looking at my copy of your book Nothing Sacred. It looks like this is the 20th anniversary of that book, by the way. Congratulations.


Yeah, obviously it worked really, it worked really well to create a more peaceful relationship between civilization and Judaism. Yeah. Oh well.


Your work is done here. (laughter)

But it occured to me that this is what you were trying to do in that book: change the register, right? Of Judaism or religion and…



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